It is hard to believe that man would harm something that intimately affects our lives. Yet, this is exactly what has happened. Our actions are constantly causing harm to the environment, the very thing that might determine the future generations fate on this planet. At Green Matters, we try to do good while doing well by taking a conscientious and practical approach towards our business activities. Our name Green Matters embodies three meanings: the issues of importance that relate to the environment; conducting of our business with a focus on sustainability; an emphasis that Green issues are important to all of our business activities..

As our company continues on a rapid growth process, one common theme the management is endeavoring to instill is the commitment to our corporate and social values. For a company still in its formative period, our values are very important to us as they set the foundation for how we develop as an organization both now and in the future. More importantly, our values will guide us in how we prepare our new generation of managers to continue to grow the company while keeping the organizational identity and maintaining the quality of the companys products and services. Our company mission and values are purposely intertwined because we want to ensure they are embodied not just in our hearts but also in the conduct of our business activities. Our values of heightening environmental consciousness and having a positive social impact are ones that we factor into our performance evaluations both at the individual level and at the business unit level..

Our companys core business is in offering agricultural products and services, with a focus on providing the best production inputs to our customers to grow their products more efficiently with the highest economic yield and the lowest environmental impact. Today, our specialty eucalyptus fertilizer products are highly rated by independent third-party expert sources for their effectiveness in adding higher yield to the users. Given the rapid market success we have had with our first factory, we are now in the process of expanding our manufacturing capability to serve more customers in existing and new locations. Additionally, we will soon be launching a whole new line of fertilizer products focusing on agricultural crops, with an initial emphasis on rice, sugar cane, and vegetables. The more exhilarating part about this product line launch is that it represents our companys foray into 100% organic fertilizer products. These new products are the result of combining the skills and expertise that our organization has developed over the past few years when we decided to establish in-house competency in soil and fertilizer sciences. In addition to the new product line launch, our groups other companies are also taking very crucial and exciting forays into new business areas. Please visit our Web site for the latest news and I will discuss our new ventures in more details in the upcoming updates.

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