Green Matters Group Limited Announces New Corporate Website Launch  

Green Matters Group Limited is pleased to announce the launch of a group website:

We are a conglomerate with dedicated focuses in agricultural and environmental business solutions and logistics management.  From the sales and distribution of specialty fertilizer products, to the operation of logistics port, and forestry plantations, real estate development and management, sales and distribution of seedlings and agricultural commodities, extending further to the conservation of natural resources, and the exploration of alternative energy and renewable water, Green Matters is firmly devoted to the community, the realization of sustainable growth and the ultimate well-being of people around the world.

The launch of the website represents a new milestone of our development, it enables us to maintain a good mutual communication with the public as it will be regularly updated with new information on our company. We look forward to continued growth and becoming the leading integrated provider of products and services to the agricultural and environmental businesses in Asia.

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